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The different photography styles include field work and editing

9 Photography Styles Explained

Need help understanding the different photography styles? Understanding the different photography styles will help you select a photography type to pursue and build a strong career in it. gathered the following information on 9 popular photography styles to help you determine which one(s) to adopt and perfect. 1. Landscape Photography A landscape photographer captures…
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Black and white photography requires understanding primary elements and equipment

Black and White Photography for Beginners

Skip not knowing the best way to shoot black and white photography. Capturing images in black and white or monochrome can help you produce stunningly expressive pictures. gathered the following information and tips to help you better understand, compose, frame, and shoot timeless black and white photos. What is Black and White Photography? Black and white photography…
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Event photography tips include being prepared and properly dressed

The Event Photography Tips Guide

Avoid missing shots, not having proper equipment, and capturing the wrong or blurred photos during an event. Knowing where to be, when to be there, what equipment to have, and how to capture the right pictures during an event will help grow your business as an event photographer. gathered the following information and tips to…
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Corporate event photography requires you to know which shots to capture and when

Corporate Event Photography – Everything You Need to Know

Avoid not knowing how to plan, organize, and charge for corporate event photography. Knowing the intention and how integral corporate event photography can be to a succesful corporate function will help you please and capture the moments your client expects. gathered the following information and tips to help you understand the structure and expectations of…
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Photoshoot locations in atlanta georgia include many historical sites parks and statues

Photoshoot Locations Near Me in Atlanta Georgia

Avoid bland photoshoots or having to be indoors because you don’t know great shoot locations in Atlanta. Knowing where to go in and around Atlanta, Georgia, for the best photoshoot locations can elevate the appeal and appearance of your photography. gathered information on some of the most beautiful and eclectic areas in Atlanta, Ga, to set up a…
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Planning an event requires attention to many details

9 Steps to Planning an Event

Prevent your big event from becoming a massive, unorganized embarrassment. Knowing how to plan an event will help you keep yours organized and smoothly unfolding. gathered information on event planning, steps, and tips to make any size event flow smoothly from start to finish. Why Planning Is Important for an Event To pull off…
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A wedding requires careful thought to plan a sequence of professional photography

Wedding Planning and Photography

Don’t allow poor planning, a bad photographer, or your lack of experience ruin your wedding and capturing all the memories. Knowing how your wedding should be planned and photographed will help you keep your memories alive and fresh. gathered information on planning your wedding and how to document your milestones through photography. *** 12…
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