Products We Love


I always love hearing what products other people have used or loved and we thought this might be a fun way to help raise money for our adoption.  Below you’ll find a collection of many of our favorite things.  We can personally vouch for all the items below and thought it might be a great resource for people who are gift shopping for others.  If you click on one of our links and order the product we will receive a small percentage from amazon to use towards our adoption!! It doesn’t cost you any more money and doesn’t look any different on your end, they are just embedded to link back to us.


We love this kitchen! We have the one in pink, but I love the white one.  Still a favorite at our house!

This is one of our favorite children’s bibles. The pictures are beautiful and it does a great job of helping you see how God was weaving his love story of salvation through Christ from creation.


This is our other favorite bible. It has been a good transition and I think it will grow with the kids for a while.

 All of our kids have these backpacks and they love them!  Great gift for 2-4 year olds!! (they also have matching lunch boxes)

 Perfect baby gift they will love forever!!

 I love this book so much. It is great for a baby gift.