My kids

I am so excited I got to take pictures of my kiddos this morning. I rarely take my kids out for portraits because it is so much work, but this was incredibly low stress!! Even cut fresh gardenia’s out of my yard for their hair when I couldn’t find bows!! I feel truly blessed to be able to be mommy to these kids.  I love teaching them about the Lord. I love the joy and light in their eyes. I love their laughter and pouty faces. I love their little hands. I love their absolute fascination with the simple things in life. I am truly thankful.

My girls

So I’ve been blogging more lately about my little man, so I just wanted to give an update on my big girls. I can’t believe they will be 5 in September.  They are so big now and are so much fun.  Talking to them is like talking to an adult that asks lots and lots of questions.  They are a fun age, but some days they wear me thin, really quick.  I’m learning alot on patience and always speaking kindly. I hate to admit it, but some days I hear myself talk in such a sharp tone I am embarrassed.  So I am really working on this.  I can’t teach them to be kind, patient and forgiving with each other if they aren’t seeing it in me.  I absolutely love being a mommy and it has taught me so much. I am thankful to be walking this road, even on the uphill days.

On this day they got to go to their very first baby shower with me (as big girls) They had so much fun and were hilarious complimenting every gift “oh that’s beautiful, so precious!” it was sweet.  We were celebrating my college room-mate Aonya whose having her first baby girl!  It was a fun girl date!!

and he’s out

I guess Isaiah decided since he had a big boy haircut he needed a big boy bed!  He started climbing out on Monday and since this is the same time we converted the girls cribs, we decided to just take off the front and teach him to stay in his big bed instead of doing it twice.  He loves his bed and he’s pretty proud he can get in and out.  So far so good, he’s slept all night last night and is down for a nap in it now!!   Oh and see that video monitor attached to the edge…don’t worry, I really can’t see him because he threw my monitor in the toilet :(.

Flash back to they day the girls got their big girls beds. Big difference in language… Girls “Mommy we want big girl beds like Mary Claire!!, Please Mommy??”  Isaiah “Bed” “Big” haha!

Katie and Andrew | Birmingham Engagement Session

I had so much fun at Katie and Andrew’s engagement session.  They took me to some of their favorite places in Birmingham, Vulcan and Railroad Park.  They were engaged at Railroad Park, our last stop.  They are so full of love and life and a true joy to be around. I can’t wait for their August wedding!!!

Jessie and Chris Wedding | Madelyn’s in the Grove

Jessie and Chris married at the beautiful southern venue, Madelyn’s in the Grove.  Though their plans for an outdoor wedding were changed due to rain, the bride never stopped smiling.  When I asked Jessie what her vision was for her wedding she said, “burlap and bling” and you’ll see in her pictures that Jessie likes bling!  Jessie and Chris are both musicians and the house was full of fantastic music.  The grooms children have such a special relationship with their dad and new mom that was such a joy to watch all day. I pray God’s richest blessings over your lives and marriage.

Wedding Venue | Madelyn’s In The Grove

Brides Dress | Promenade- Tuscumbia, AL

Coordinator | Dawn Pettus and Jamie Tucker

Hairstylist | Monica McCullough |

Florist | Justin Myrick

Cakes | The Sugarnova |

Caterer | Cracker Barrel

And a fun one of Mary Kate and I at the reception

The rain only let up for about 5 minutes all day, so I did a lot of shooting like this!!