Honduras Missions | The Widows Mite

The last day, Pat got off work at 12 and we got to go into the villages to meet some of the families that have been helped through the years by the ministry.  We went to the house of a family that has one daughter with cerebral palsy.  Her name was Andrea and she was a beautiful girl with a bright smile and contagious laughter.  When Gracie called to her from outside you could hear her trying to call and laughing.  The family was so happy to have us there.  Gracie had told her we were from one of the churches that supports their ministry and the lady just kept telling us thankyou for coming and without  Gracie and their ministry her family would not have survived.  We came that day to see them and bring some vitamins for their family.  It had been 8 days since they had gotten any water.  The leave in one of the poorest neighborhoods in Talanga.  They used the dirty water from the pipes (I’m hoping we can get them some rain catching systems in place soon)  But I really loved their cozy home.  They had a yard full of fruit trees and chickens everywhere.  We noticed her mango tree didn’t have any more mangoes on it (Pat had planned to try and climb her tree until he found out that Mango trees make “Gringos” break out like poison ivy) As we were leaving she handed us an entire bag of mangos.  Her last mangos.  We truly felt humbled.  We have so much and she was determined to gift us as a thankyou.  She gave so much from her little.  What a beautiful example she is to us.

“And He looked up and saw the rich putting their gifts into the treasury, and He saw also a certain poor widow putting in two mites. So He said, “Truly I say to you that this poor widow has put in more than all; for all these out of their abundance have put in offerings for God, but she out of her poverty put in all the livelihood that she had.” – Luke 21:1-4

If you would like to follow the ministries work you can friend Gracie on Facebook  and she will add you to the Heart of Christ page. This is a great page, because she shares what the ministry is doing along with urgent prayer needs and lots of pictures of what they are doing!





Her Widows Mite

This was Andrea, she was amazing!

Chickens in the house!!

While we were talking this particular chicken went and jumped on the bed.  We kept saying how much the girls would love it here.  Baby chicks and chickens in the house!

This was one of our favorite fruits there.  It was very different in texture but delicious.

Isn’t she precious! 

This is where they cook inside.  

The lady on the right is Rosa who has 5 children total and all but one have special needs of some kind.  Gracie helped her rush one of her sons to the hospital when he was a tiny baby and he lived only because of their help.  He is 7  now and I got to meet him.

Their neighborhood.

Alejandro was so excited about the bag of mangoes, but he waited patiently. I love this picture!

This is from a few days earlier. I brought Pat back a mango from the market and when he finished the boys reached for his seed.  They shared the seed of the mango until no pulp was left.  They are planting a bunch of fruit trees now so hopefully it won’t be too long before they can have more fruit!!!

Kelly and David | Southern Wedding

Kelly and David married on a beautiful July day at Young Meadows Presbyterian Church in Montgomery.  This wedding could be described in one word, Joy.  They bride and groom, their families, their guests.  Everyone there smiled all day.  What a joyful occasion when two people who love the Lord are united together to start serving together.  Beautiful.

The amazing vendors who worked together on this event:

Wedding Planner | Laura McFee | My amazingly talented sister in law (who is also my album designer:)

Gown Boutique | The Something Blue Shoppe

Makeup Artist & Hairstylist | Dougs 2 Salon & Spa

Florist | Southern Posies

Cake Artist | Cake Designs

Ceremony Site | Young Meadows Presbyterian, Montgomery AL

Reception Site | 129 Coosa

Band | Brandy Brothers


Honduras Missions | Heart of Christ Ministries

I just returned from Honduras and it was an incredible experience.  Honestly, going was one of the hardest things I have ever done.  I used to be a “traveler”, hop on a plane without a second thought, no fear, go anywhere.  Then God blessed me with three munchkins who call me Mommy and all that changed.  Yes, I still love beautiful places and travel but it is different.  Those three lives depend on Pat & I.  Getting on that plane was so hard for me. I had so many mixed emotions, but I knew above all we were called to go.  Being in the middle of God’s will is the safest place to be, so we went.

I am so thankful we went.  We didn’t go with a team.  Just me and my husband, it was amazing.  We have missionaries from our church who are the founders of Heart of Christ Ministries in Honduras and have been there for 8 years and we went to work at their mission.  We didn’t have projects planned, we just wanted to join in their everyday lives and serve any way we could.

I have many many things I plan to share about our journey but I wanted to start with the basic things I learned and later I will share the stories about the specific parts of our trip.

1.  God is working in amazing ways through Heart of Christ Ministries!!!  This mission is solely focused on the outcasts of this world.  They are a refuge for teens pregnant by rape/incest and for children with special needs.  These precious children are the ones that are cast aside.  Many left for dead.  Rescued by Christ through this ministry.  They are beautiful children of God.  I will share their stories, they will steal your heart as they have stolen mine.

2.  Slow down, build relationships, pray for people, genuinely care about people.  The problem seems so big but it can be changed for one person at a time.  Give one person the hope of Christ, a meal, love, help. One at a time.

3. A little money in the US can go a VERY long way in Honduras.  There is so much genuine need.  Need we can’t comprehend.   But need that we can help with.  I was unbelievable impressed with the way the ministry managed their money.  Absolutely the most accountable, fiscally responsible methods I have ever seen.  They use every single dollar to do the most good possible. Incredible.

4.  I learned I can survive without a cell phone, laptop, internet, warm water, a washing machine, flushing toilets, air conditioning, a hairdryer. And we were happy!  (All except the exact moment I poured the cold water over my head for my bucket shower)

One of the most beautiful places I have ever seen, combined with the most poverty and suffering.  But one life at a time, there is restoration, redemption and hope.

There is absolutely NO waste in this country, they use everything for something.

This is the mission. Life is good here.  The kids get three meals a day, they all pitch in and have chores to make life run smoothly.  It’s a happy place in the midst of a country of pain.

This is Moises. I’ll share his story.  He is a walking miracle, never expected to live past 5 months old.  God’s the great physician and I cried when I saw him. I’ve prayed for him for 2 years and it was amazing meeting him.

This is Erika, you just tickle her and she laughs all the time.  Precious children.

This is Ivannia. She is a beautiful child of God.  She has cerebral palsy and cannot speak.  But I believe her eyes speak volumes.

This is Sarah.  She was there at the same time as we were and she was a gift.  She is trained in Special Education and taught the staff so much in how to care for and play with the three girls with cerebral palsy.  She taught Pat and I so much.  She could also speak Spanish so she did lots of translating for us.  We plan to know more Spanish next time we go!

This is Papa Lee, the co-founder and father to all the children.  He is doing an amazing work in the lives of these children.  They love him so much.  His quiet, serving spirit is incredible to witness.  God is using him in a mighty way.

I learned to make Tortillas!  I got a tortilla press in the market and can’t wait to make them at home!

This is Alejandro, my little buddy.  He cuddled me all week and eased the homesickness by calling me Mommy.

This is Shirley and her Grandmother.  She cannot afford to care for her, but she loves her dearly.  She comes and stays at the mission often.

These three beautiful babies have a hope and a future their mothers did not.  Praise God for Heart of Christ Ministries and the rescue of these girls.  These babies are all children born of rape and incest.  These babies are God’s blessing amid a horrible thing.

This is Genesis (pronounced Henesis)

This is Katherine, look at those rolls!!! 

This is Katherine and her mommy Michelle.  She came to the mission at 12 pregnant by rape, abused since she was 6 years old.  God has now rescued her from a life of pain and given her hope and love for the first time.

This is where you wash your clothes.  It took me two hours to wash just mine and Pat’s clothes for two days!! Nothing there is easy!!

The three amigos having breakfast, Camilla!! They are overjoyed at every meal.  Never asking for food, always thankful and eat everything they are given!

Milagro accepted Christ in April after a year at the mission.  Gracie (one of the founders) had a vision that all of her girls would be baptized at the same time so she waited to baptize Milagro.  She is growing in Christ everyday and actually shared her story with a young girl in the village last week.  Being able to share her pain shows the healing that has taken place in her life and heart.  We were blessed to be able to share in her baptism. Praise God!

Last week Gracie had posted about much difficulty with the girls and rebellion.  It had been one of the toughest weeks yet.  The other two girls, Michelle and Haiti had not accepted Christ in the year and  half since arriving.  They had many talks but the girls would not turn to Christ.  Gracie contacted us the day before we arrived and said she would not be able to pick us up from the airport  because of so much trouble with the girls.  That day Gracie and Sarah spent the entire day in prayer and talking with the girls and Haiti accepted Christ!!! Michelle accepted Christ the following day!!! Praise God!!!!!!  So we arrived in the joyful time and got to share in their baptism. It was amazing.

Gracie, with her daughters after their baptism. So much prayer and discipleship led to this joyful occasion!!!

Celebration with cake and ice-cream.  The kids only third time in their lives to have ice-cream.  They were so excited!!!

This is Diego.  He is a precious child, slower to trust but so loving.  He is one of the boys there that is orphaned by their mmothers.

My husband worked so hard while he was there.  I’ll share an entire post about their construction but they got so much done!!! Pat was able to lay the first brick for the second story that will house many more people.  Amazing!!

This site is where they dream of one day opening a Childrens home.  Pray for that!

Lap full of love. I miss these sweet boys.

I played Ring around the rosy all week! They loved it.  I also tried to teach them duck duck goose.  Pato Pato Ganzo, but every time I said Ganzo they all jumped up and ran cirlces.  So we called it duck duck geese

It was amazing that they could grow the crops up the sides of the mountains.

I’m going to share the entire story of this family and home later. We were greatly impacted by this family.

One of our favorite fruits there!

If you made it this far congratulations! I know it was a long post!! I plan to share more on smaller topics!! Above all we learned to rely on God with every breath. I prayed like I haven’t in a long time.  I see God’s hand at work and I want to make a difference.  I pray God will continue to change the world one life at a time.

Morgan and Kevin | Alabama Wedding

Morgan & Kevin married on a beautiful June day at First Methodist in Hartselle with their reception at Burningtree Country Club. This is my home church and where I got married, so weddings here are always very special to me.  The weather was again uncharacteristic for June and was breezy and in the 80s.  I can’t believe I made it through 3 June weddings and 1 July and haven’t had a hot one yet!  (I know it’s coming)  Morgan and Kevin were so excited about being married and the entire day was a celebration.   I am so thankful I was able to share in their day!!! I pray you grow in love everyday and that God riches blesses your lives and marriage!!


Brides Dress | Watters – The White Room

Bridesmaids Dresses | Dessy – Bella Bridesmaid

Coordinator | Donna Scott

Hairstylist & Makeup Artist | Emily Summerville

Florist |   In Bloom

Cakes | Lynn’s Cakes

Caterer |  Burningtree Country Club

Videographer | Crooked Tree Productions

Band | AzZ-IzZ

Rentals  | All Needz-Huntsville

Wedding Venue | First United Methodist Hartselle

Reception Venue  | Burningtree Country Club

Julia and Martin | Downtown Decatur Wedding

Julia and Martin married on a beautiful June day in downtown Decatur.  I love when personal family details are tied into the wedding, and the bride was wearing her grandmothers wedding gown and her mother’s wedding veil.  Martin’s uncle and his namesake assisted in the wedding ceremony and they were married in the church where Julia’s grandparents and parents were married and where the bride, her father and brother were christened.  So many special things came together to create the perfect day.  The ceremony was packed, had a wall full of standing guests and even had guests in an overflow room.  So many people came to show their love and support of the couple.  The reception was so much fun with all ages dancing the night away.  Julia and Martin, I pray God’s richest blessings over your lives and marriage!!


View the full wedding here: http://erpbyalyson.pass.us/juliamartin/

~Wedding Vendors ~

Ceremony Site | First United Methodist Church | Canal Street Decatur

Event Coordinator | Ashley Ashwander | ashley@thepaperchasedecatur.com

Make Up Artist & Hairstylist | Shine Salon | info@shinesalonweb.com

Cake Artist | Corner Bakery | csm@cornerbakeryonline.com

Reception Venue | Decatur Country Club | info@decaturcountryclub.org

Band | Accent

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