Katie and Andrew | Annabella Cedar Glenn Wedding

Katie and Andrew had the most fun wedding I have ever had the chance to shoot!  Before I hurt anyone’s feelings, I need you to understand this was their intention.  They wanted a wedding that was “them” and so they had a Beatles Backyard Barbeque.  This was complete with Beatles music, an ice cream truck, yard games, balloons and a piñata!!  It was so fun to see a couple who truly embraced that this was “their” wedding day!!  It was an emotional day in many ways, as both of them have lost their fathers.  But watching the special bonds each had with their mothers was a beautiful thing to witness.  The families felt like my family and it was truly a joy to be part of.  I know God is going to do amazing things through you and through your marriage.  Thank you for allowing me to share in your fun-filled celebration!!

This was one of the most emotional moments of the day.  As Katie was heading through the house to line up she stopped at her father’s memorial table to fix her shoe.  She then just stopped and stared welling up with tears.  I cried right along with her.

The amazing vendors:
Gown Boutique | The Finery | fineryboutique@gmail.com

Venue | Annabella at Cedar Glen | annabella@annabellaweddings.com

Floral Design | Bishops Florist | john@bishops-flowers.com

Cake | Lynn’s Cakes | lynnscakes4u@aol.com

Newlywed Life with Lo

I am so excited to introduce you to a friend of mine that will be doing some guest blog posts for me!!  I love her heart and her perspective of newlywed life and ability to write it in a fun way.  I know you will enjoy her posts as much as I do!


I first met the lovely and oh-so-talented Alyson Clemons during my career at The Westin Huntsville; I assisted brides {and their mommas} with planning their lavish receptions.  In return, Alyson captured the exquisiteness of it all, to be preserved forever through photos.  I’ve since moved on from the wide world of weddings, but it seems that nuptial bliss has brought Alyson and I back together.  When asked by her to share my new found love of marital blogging with her brides, I was first shocked and then overwhelmingly honored.  I don’t consider myself to be anything other than a homegrown, country girl and I’m quite content and especially comfortable in my role as a “Simpleton”.

So, this reunion – a coincidence?  Not so much.  Divine intervention?  I believe so.

A few months into my own marriage, I began to greatly sense that the Lord was begging and pleading with me to step up and “help” other brides as they embark, as a party of two, on their own marital voyages.  As a “brand spankin’ new” newlywed navigating the billows of marriage, it was painfully obvious that I knew nothing about being my Captain husband’s First Mate.  After months and months of counter-begging and counter-pleading with the Lord to “back off, buddy”, a blog was born.  As it turns out, I’ve made many share-worthy observations during my short stint as a wife – that a king sized bed will save your marriage, that your husband is basically an overgrown child, that the “Notes” function on your iPhone will come in super handy when your husband annoys you.  For me, I jot down his behavior and I transform it into a humorous blog post for your enjoyment.  It’s magnificent blackmail therapy!

Now, for the point of this post – a proper introduction.  For fear of sounding overly self-important, I tend to be a little hesitant when it comes to a “tell all”.  Although my personality definitely lends itself towards the extrovert end of the scale, I’ve never been one who demands to be the center of attention – in fact, I un-demand it.  So, for purposes of this post, I’ll keep this short and sweet –

I’m a Child of the King, a sinner saved by God’s Amazing Grace.  Last September, after fourteen years of friendship, I tied the knot with my best friend.  Our beach wedding was simple and beautiful – no fluff, no fru-fru.  Just me and him with our closest family and best friends.  A born and raised Bama gal, I’m a lover of all things Southern. A momma’s girl through and through, I adore time spent with my family and I’m slightly obsessed with my two pups.  On Saturdays in the fall, you’ll find this UA grad rubbing their outstanding football season in the face of her husband, who just so happens to be an AU grad. {I’m still working on how to deal with the whole house divided situation I’ve found myself in.}

I’m a “glass half full” kind of gal and I’m thrilled to share with you how wonderful marriage can be when –

you seek the positive in your partner.

you seek the fun in your journey.

{and most importantly} you seek the Lord together.


Bon Voyage, 


Ashton and Derek | Downtown Huntsville wedding

Ashton and Derek were married on a beautiful July day at First Methodist Church in downtown Huntsville with a reception following at the historic Roundhouse Depot.  Ashton & Derek have dated since high school and share so many memories and fun times.  We laughed all day.  The day was truly a celebration and they were so excited to be marrying their best friend.  I pray God continues to grow your love for each other every day and that you continue to be a source of joy to all who know you!


Gown Boutique ~ The White Room Too

Coordinator / Floral Design ~ Barbara Ingram ~ Barbara’s Wedding Shoppe

Band ~ Entice Band

Hair Stylist ~ Kallie Brewer

Makeup Artist ~ Krissie Siniard

Wedding Venue ~ First United Methodist Church Huntsville

Reception Venue ~ Round House Depot

Adoption | A family that lives out the gospel

Not many families have impacted us quite as much as Jessica and Justin.  I still remember clearly they day they told us they planned to adopt.   Then shortly after  they announced they were having Eli.  We all expected them to say they were no longer adopting…but they immediately said, No, we are still adopting, we are called.  Now, years later, after praying and walking through this journey with them, they have brought Jeremiah home. Praise God!! These people we thank for changing our hearts for adoption.  For showing us the gospel call and for answering it!  Praise God for adopting us and giving us the best example to live by.  

Honduras Construction | My hard-working man

Honduras Construction | My hard-working man

Nothing in Honduras is easy.  I expected a lot of things going there but I was amazed at the difficulty of the construction process.  My husband & Lee joined with two Honduran workers to accomplish great things the week we were there.  Seeing the pictures, it’s obvious they got a lot accomplished, two new rooms on the second floor halfway done!  Pat was able to lay the first block to the second floor building!!  But what might not be so obvious is how much work it took to accomplish!!  Here’s the rundown:

Build  a temporary stair/ladder to be able to carry up supplies

Use a hand-saw when the power the goes out, Often

Pick up 600 blocks from local man

Carry 600 blocks up the stair/ladder

The oxen deliver the sand (YES, OXEN)

Throw the sand through the sifter

Carry the sifted sand and the rock (sifted out) up the stair/ladder

Carry the bags of cement to the roof

Carry buckets of water up to the roof (not enough water pressure to run up a hose)

Mix the cement and sand by hand

Lay the first layers of blocks

You think, just continue, but no, the second half of the blocks were ¾ inch too tall so they had to cut them down with a machete ~  every one!

(I know I’m missing many steps but I saw things like a plumb line, string guides, levels etc.)

Needless to say ~ My husband worked much harder than me.    The Honduran, Eduardo,  said “Patricio (haha isn’t that funny they called him that!)  I burn your passport.”  He wanted to keep Pat there!  Too bad I like him too much to leave him.  I’m pretty proud of my hard-working man.

The view before the second story

Only the very front building was there when they bought the mission.  They have no debt and only build as they can afford to.  No they have the main front room, the surrounding walls, a family room, elementary school room and dorm, 2 guest rooms, Outdoor sink, toolshed, 2 baths, 2 showers, 4 large kids rooms, kitchen and screened in dining hall!  And soon a second story!!!

They wanted to help with everything!

Isn’t this hilarious! The oxen actually deliver the sand!!

Sifting the sand

Laying the first block!!!

This is the back yard, they are planting fruit trees on this whole spot.  They already own this land!!

There is material with blessings and prayers stuffed in the bricks all throughout the building.  The children that come here are literally surrounded by prayer and blessing.

This is when construction slowed dramatically.  Having to use the machette to cute 3/4 inch off every block.

Can’t wait to go back and see people living upstairs!!!