Happy Easter | Forget the Frock and Feed an Orphan

Happy Easter!!! “Kids, today instead of wearing our normal Easter outfits, we bought these t-shirts that will go to feed orphans. Payton – So each shirt fed an orphan!! We fed FIVE orphans today!!! Can we do this every year?!?” I love their hearts.

Not gonna lie, it felt a weird walking into church in jeans and a t-shirt on Easter Sunday, but when I heard Payton’s response it was confirmed to me.  She could care less that her whole class was in beautiful dresses. She loved doing something that mattered.  I pray I can learn from my children.   (It also really excites me that when our future child comes home we will be able to show him we were actively thinking about he and other orphans long before he came home.)

For those curious, a frock is a term meaning a girls dress. My husband really got hung up on the fact that no one knew what a frock was, but we determined my idea of Drop the Dress was slightly less appropriate:) Here’s the official site: http://www.forgetthefrock.org

I couldn’t believe it when I saw the 2014 Results~~~ WOW!!!!

Courtney & Jeremy | Huckleberry Farm Wedding

Courtney and Jeremy had a beautiful spring wedding at Huckleberry Farms in Jasper, Alabama. Though there was a threat of rain the weather ended up being absolutely perfect with the earliest of spring blossoms scattered around.  You could just see the tensions fall away when Courtney and Jeremy saw each other for the first time.  This was a wonderful wedding to start our 2014 wedding season and one I am so thankful to have been a part of. Thank you for sharing your day with me!

The vendors for this beautiful day:

Huckleberry Farms – Jasper Alabama

Brides Dress – Diane’s Formal Affair



Girls get the goat off the couch.

I never thought I’d say those words.  “We can’t go to lunch we have to go feed the goat.”  “Is the goat in the kitchen?”  We have still not made up our minds.   This might have been our worst parenting decision yet.  Maybe our best. Either way, we have talked more about life, death, heaven, prayer, prayer not answered the way we want, sickness, sadness, embracing life and joy more in the last 48 hours than in my girls entire lives.  Funny how a story about goats can do that.

Here’s the story.

Sunday morning we got a call from a friend “Anyone willing to bottle-feed two baby goats twice a day?” Hmmm. Pat and I look at each other.  As a new homeschool mom (I’ve said it online woohoo!! Another story for another day) and recently reading the girls Charlotte’s web, we thought this might be a great opportunity.  We agreed with the owner that the grown goats would return to them once they were weaned and we agreed.  We didn’t tell the kids anything but a surprise was coming.  That afternoon a bucket arrived with the two most adorable goats you’ve ever seen.  I didn’t even know goats could be cute!! Now anyone reading this that doesn’t know me well, we don’t have a farm and we have zero experience with livestock.  The joy was indescribable.  They were so happy sitting outside all day loving on the goats. They each picked one to name and P who loves animals soooo much named her goat Cutie (later changed to Billy Goat) and S named the tiny one (she loves tiny things) Beauty (which though she hasn’t heard the story Black Beauty, was a perfect name with a white diamond on her forehead)

I’ll fast forward about 48 hours.  The girls are IN LOVE. Can’t get enough.  We prepared them all along that the goats might not make it. Their mother had been killed by a car and they were only a week old.  We were just going to do our best.

That didn’t change the devastation when we arrived home from their co-op on Tuesday to Billy Goat unable to stand and obviously dying.  The girls were hysterical.  Pat was at work and I was so thankful our cousin came and took the goat with him.  It was one of my saddest moments parenting children yet. While I know it was “just a goat” to the girls it was such a terrible sad day.  They cried and talked and cried and talked.  It was so sweet watching them comfort themselves with scriptures of heaven.  “I know they have to be in heaven because it says in the bible that the sheep and goats will lie down with the lion, I know he feels better because it says there is no sickness or sadness in heaven.  I know he’s  okay because he is with his mommy now.   Sometimes God doesn’t answer our prayers how we want but we will still praise him.” Wow. Such wisdom from 5 year olds.  Then last night I came across the scripture “we will not mourn as the world” and I thought there was so much truth in that.  Though I am not sure the scriptures apply to goats, it has been an incredibly amazing and tough teaching time with our kids.

So the little one, Beauty, is still alive but we know it still might not make it.  Now the girls are wanting to take lots of pictures and capture everything so they will have all the memories of the goats.  They said even though the one died they are so glad they were able to make it’s last 3 days “the best days of its life”

No the goat is not living in the house, but it keeps making it’s way inside.  The first few days they had to be wrapped up and fed on their backs like a baby and I’m to cold to do that outside!!  I really think we better get a heated barn if we ever really want livestock because we love animals and hate the cold.

So my prayer is that we grow as a family. We grow in our faith. That we can look back on this time with joy even in the midst of difficulty.  Finally, that I don’t end up with goats living in my house!


The next morning P was better and started embracing the goat we had left. I couldn’t get her to come inside.  I finally made her because she was so cold.  She cried and cried.  I warmed her up with a hairdryer and made her get on warmer clothes and she was back outside.

The girls said it was just like in Mary had a little Lamb!! It came to school with them one day!!

Now the goat is in the garage so we don’t all freeze feeding and loving on him.  (He’s hiding under the saw)

So this has been our week.

Merry Christmas in January

I’ve been hibernating, loving on my kids and not working much at all:)Obviously I didn’t do much this Christmas because I didn’t even get out half of my Christmas cards!! Love to you all and here is our Merry Christmas in January!!

Raley & Jeremiah | Beautiful Fall Wedding

Raley & Jeremiah’s wedding couldn’t have been better. The day was a gorgeous fall day with perfect weather and even better people to spend the day with. I always know I’m going to love it when my bride says, “there’s a gorgeous field down from the church can we do all the pictures there?” Why yes!! Raley & Jeremiah have a beautiful relationship centered in Christ and full of joy and laughter.  I loved all the personal touches and unique accents that made for such an exceptional day. I am so thankful to have shared in this wedding. It was the perfect end to an amazing season. I am so incredibly thankful for each and every one of my brides. I am truly blessed.

As you will notice the flowers are absolutely AMAZING so make sure and check out the amazing talent at Cloth of Gold


Floral Design | Cloth of Gold

Wedding Venue | Altadena Valley Presbyterian Church

Bridal Boutique | Carriage House Weddings

Bridesmaids Dresses | Bella Bridesmaid

Makeup Artist | Aware Makeup

Cakes | Barb’s Cakes

Reception Venue | Inverness Country Club

Band | The Flashbacks